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Telehop Home Phone Plans
  Residential Plans
HomePhone2012Basic $12.99
HomePhone2012Basic2Y $9.99 - 2 Year contract required
HomePhone2012National $17.99
HomePhone2012National2Y $14.99 - 2 Year contract required
HomePhone2012NorthAmerica $24.99
HomePhone2012NorthAmerica2Y $19.99 - 2 Year contract required
HomePhone2012Global $29.99
HomePhone2012Global2Y $29.99 - 2 Year contract required
  Business Plans
Local Plan $24.99/ Month
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Telehop Long Distance Service
  Residential Plans
2000 Canada Plan $8.99/Month
2000 Canada & US Plan $14.99/Month
2000 North America Plan $19.99/Month
2000 Global Plan $29.99/Month
2000 South America Plan $29.99/Month
2000 Eastern Europe $34.99/Month
Business Long Distance $59.99/Month
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Telehop Internet Service
High Speed Cable Internet Availability:
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  Residential Plans
Lite Internet $34.99/Month
Express Internet $44.99/Month
Extreme Internet $54.99/Month
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  Modem Options
Purchase $70.00 (One time fee)
Rent $6.99/month
Using my own Cable Modem
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